In the event of damage

In the event of vehicle theft

In the event of vehicle theft, you must immediately notify the Regional Police Department upon whose territory the vehicle was last located before the theft occurred. Within 24 hours of the event you must notify in writing your Casco insurance company and keep a copy of the notification.
You must keep a copy of your insurance policy and the general provisions thereof, as well as a copy of all other documents you submit. The insurance company will require the originals of those documents.
You must always submit any required documents to your insurance company with an attached descriptive note or letter, filed in the insurance company register with the respective reference number and date. The obligatory set of documents that need to be submitted to your insurance company are: the original copy of your insurance policy, vehicle registration certificates (both small and large ticket), an official document from the Regional Police Department where you have reported the theft, a decree from the respective Regional Prosecutor’s Office for termination of the pre-trial proceedings when the vehicle has not been found, as well as the vehicle keys and remote controls (including spare sets).
Upon claiming damage at your insurance company, you must always report the same circumstances you have declared before the respective Regional Police Department regarding the theft.

In the event of road accident, fire or natural disaster

Within 24 hours of the event you must notify in writing your Casco insurance company and keep a copy of the notification.
In case you have no Casco insurance and you are involved in a road accident which you did not cause, you must find out which the guilty driver’s “Civil Liability” insurance company is, so that you can send them a notification thereof and file a compensation claim.
In the event of a road accident it is of prior importance IMMEDIATELY to notify the Control on Automobile Transport Service (CAT) by dialing 166 or 112, and ask them to come on site. CAT has to arrive at the accident location and file an accident record in case there are any injured people, or if there are incurred damages and the vehicle cannot move on its own, or if one of the involved vehicles is of foreign registration or transports dangerous goods, or if the road accident has jammed the road, or if doubt should occur that one of the participants in the road accident has been drinking alcohol or taking other abusive substances, or has no valid license to drive a vehicle.
In case CAT refuses to come, you must immediately call your CASCO insurance company and ask them to send a mobile expert team for inspection.
If you cannot get in touch with your insurance company, you must fill in the bilateral written statement and REGISTER it by dialing 166.
In the event of enflamed vehicle, you must immediately call the fire service and obtain an official document of the record they have filed.
In the event of natural disasters such as torrents, heavy snowfall, floods, hail, etc., you can contact the regional meteorological service which will provide an official document stating the calamity date, type and duration.
Upon filing a compensation claim, you must keep a copy of any documents you submit to your insurance company, as per the respective descriptive note attached thereof, and most importantly, make sure all vehicle damages have been listed in the inspection record.
You must never recover vehicle damages before the inspection of your insurance company, and you must follow any instructions by them in case they require an additional inspection of the vehicle.

In the event of damage upon Home Property Insurance

Depending on the insured event type (fire, flood, storm, hail, pressurized container explosion, earthquake, theft, vandalism or vehicle/flying object collision), you must immediately notify your insurance company and the respective competent authority (fire service or regional police department) thereof.
You must not clear out the results of the event until an inspection has been conducted by the insurance company or the respective competent authority, but you have to take action to restrict the damages if possible (for example, by trying to extinguish the fire before the arrival of the fire service.)
It would be useful to keep any documents certifying the purchase and guarantee terms of the insured movables such as audio-visual equipment and domestic appliances. You must attentively keep track what is being filed in the incurred damage record and keep a copy of all insurance related documents you submit.

Upon Travel Assistance insurance

In the event of an accident or sudden illness abroad, you must always follow the instructions of the insurer and their assistance company regarding a specific medical institution or specialist.
You must require and keep the full medical documentation of the event, as well as any receipts of the expenses you have incurred during your treatment.